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Sat, Mar 21, 2020
Series: Video Blog
Duration: 12 mins 18 secs
Here Pastor Brian Larson adds an important addendum to his video blog, "These are Signs," in which he said he believes the coronavirus to be one of the pestilences mentioned by Jesus when describing the end times. In that video, Pastor Brian compared today's violent society to what Jesus called "the Days of Noah," and the rampant sexual perversion of our time to what Jesus described as "the Days of Lot." Recognizing that we're living in the world Jesus described would exist shortly before His Second Coming, how should Christians react to and treat people who are proud of their sinfulness? Spoiler alert: with dignity and the love of Jesus Christ ... just as the Lord treats us, whose sins are no less repugnant to the Lord. It's not the job of a believer in Jesus to condemn and berate others of their sins; that is the job of the Holy Spirit, to convict the world of sin. Our job is to love our neighbor, whomever he or she may be.
Thu, Mar 19, 2020
Series: Video Blog
Duration: 14 mins 32 secs
Pastor Brian Larson believes the Coronavirus is one of the Biblical signs of the end of this age, heralding the soon return of Jesus Christ. Pastor Brian considers COVID-19 to be one of the "pestilences" Jesus mentioned when describing the end times. Jesus also mentioned other signs, comparing the last days of this earth before His return to the Days of Noah (wanton violence) and the Days of Lot (sexual perversion).
Mon, Mar 09, 2020
Series: Video Blog
Duration: 17 mins 44 secs
News of the spreading coronavirus is everywhere ... is it causing you fear? Pastor Brian Larson offers four guidelines to Christians who may be anxious about this virus, how to walk through this trial ... and any other trial that causes you fear and anxiety. Questions for Pastor Brian? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.
Sat, Feb 29, 2020
Series: Video Blog
Duration: 9 mins 31 secs
In his most recent video blog, Pastor Brian Larson taught that the salvation of God is 100 percent based on putting our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In this message, Pastor Brian takes a quick look at Acts 20:21 where the Apostle Paul said that his preaching ministry had two parts: 1) repentance toward God, and 2) faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Brian explains the role that repentance plays in that saving faith, and the reason repentance itself is not something to be dreaded, but seen for the blessing that it is to those who humbly and sincerely turn away from the way of this world and its mores, and turn toward the Lord Jesus and acknowledge that His way is the only way to achieve peace with God. If you have questions or comments, Pastor Brian invites you to leave those in the comment section below.
Tue, Feb 25, 2020
Series: Video Blog
Duration: 13 mins 15 secs
Ok, there are HUNDREDS of RELIGIONS ... but there are only TWO religious SYSTEMS in the world. When God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden for sinning against Him, they chose to cover that original sin by their own inadequate efforts and became the forerunner of every religion and religious system that tries to earn God's forgiveness and favor by their own works and rules. This is illustrated by the sacrifice of Cain that God rejected. The second and only effective system for covering sin and gaining peace with God was established by God Himself when He provided Adam and Eve with a suitable covering that He Himself provided, through the sacrifice of innocent blood ... foreshadowing the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world, and illustrated by the sacrifice of Abel that God accepted.
Sat, Feb 01, 2020
Series: Video Blog
Duration: 6 mins 3 secs
As they prepare to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, Pastor Brian Larson and his wife Joyce briefly share just one piece of advice regarding how to have a successful marriage. Pastor Brian and Joyce have six children and 19 grandchildren. Pastor Brian also celebrates 50 years as a Bible-teaching pastor this year as well.
Fri, Jan 24, 2020
Series: Video Blog
Duration: 6 mins 20 secs
Why "True to His Word"? Pastor Brian Larson takes a few minutes to explain why he has started this new You Tube channel, and his plans for how to use it to communicate with folks like you in the future. If you're interested in hearing from Pastor Brian from time to time as he shares brief Bible teachings and answers to questions posed by viewers, be sure to subscribe to this channel and also click the bell so you'll be notified by email whenever he posts a new video. And if you have questions, he invites you to leave those in the comment section below.
Sat, Jan 18, 2020
Series: Video Blog
Duration: 6 mins 59 secs
As soon as the Holy Spirit got hold of Brian Larson's life back in 1970, God called him into the ministry, and specifically to teach God's Word, line by line and verse by verse for the last 50 years. No longer a senior pastor of one church body, Pastor Brian looks forward to teaching God's Word one-to-one over the Internet through his ministry True To His Word. Subscribe to this channel to be notified of future short video teachings Pastor Brian will post as well as answers to questions that you and others may have about the Bible, Jesus, and the nature and plan of God.
Fri, Jan 03, 2020
Series: Video Blog
Duration: 18 mins 20 secs
Pastor Brian Larson introduces himself in this video, and tells his personal story of how he came to faith in Jesus Christ at an early age. However, it wasn't until a stressful time in his life that, at the age of 24, Brian became filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit, transforming his life completely from that moment on. It was then that Brian was given an insatiable hunger for the Word of God, giving birth to what would later become "True to His Word," Pastor Brian's Bible-teaching ministry. That spiritual transformation happened for Pastor Brian 50 years ago this year, shortly after marrying the love of his life in February 1970. And he wants you to know that the same Jesus who transformed Brian's life loves YOU and is ready, willing and able to walk through this life with you as well.
Sun, Dec 22, 2019
Passage: Luke 2:8-20
Series: Christmas
Duration: 54 mins 17 secs
The greatest proclamation ever made was by angels on the night of Jesus' birth ... and with whom did God choose to share the news of the birth of our Savior? The most ordinary folks around, shepherds in the field. That says a great deal about how much God values the most ordinary of folk, according to Pastor Brian Larson who taught at Calvary Chapel of Truckee on Sunday, December 22, 2019.
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